To LFW or not…….

The digital debate rages on- does live streaming of fashion shows devalue the brand, has exclusivity shifted to inclusive? With more brands opting to stream shows live online the LFW schedule has never looked fuller.

The argument goes- new media will put an end to print publication, the more content available online the less we will rely on magazines to provide up to date fashion. As someone who loves social media, I can’t imagine the pleasure I get from flicking through Vogue or Instyle being replaced with e-zines. I enjoy both mediums for different reasons, one cannot replace the other in my affections.

Deciding whether to attend LFW in person has become a bit of dilemma but I’ve come to the conclusion attending LFW would be purely for my pleasure and I could (and will) provide better coverage of the digital schedule (which starts today) tucked behind my desk. I’m not saying if Marios Schwab called me up and invited me to his show I wouldn’t bite his hand off and be there faster than if someone shouted “50% off Mulberry”. I love the theatre and drama of the big shows and while us mere mortals have unprecedented access to this fabulous world, I intend to take full advantage and believe me I’ll be loving every stylish second.

P.S Topshop will be streaming their S/S13 Unique collection live from LFW for the first time this season, join the fun with Topshops’ fashion tweet off. You will be able to customise the catwalk, shop the show and shoot your favourite looks, I can’t wait……..

(images from LFW and Topshop).


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