Spa heaven: Part 2 Jessica Nails

It’s no secret I love a little pampering, in the past I’ve been accused of being spoilt but personally I think indulging in a few of lifes’ luxuries is good for the soul. A well deserved pedi has to be my favourite indulgence. Yes, I could ‘just paint my own toe nails’ (and often do) but comments like that can only come from someone who hasn’t had the pleasure of someone else buffing, massaging and polishing their tootsies while they relax, sipping a cup of Earl Grey and having a jolly good gossip.

So while on my hols last week I opted for a luxury Jessica pedicure. My feet were filed, legs massaged with a delicious energizing ginger scrub and after carefull consideration on my part, painted in Bedazzler. There’s something quite naughty about sporting rich red nails and Bedazzler, loaded with enough sparkle to satisfy any glitter girls craving, reminded me of Dorothys’ ruby-red slippers in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I also picked up three more shades by the time I left- it would have been rude not to……?!!

Nail polish from left, Tea Rose, Foxy Roxy, Out all Night and Bedazzler £9.75 each (bottom image from


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