Lucy Starling…..Instyle

When you do something for love and success comes your way, there are bound to be a few ‘squeal’ moments. Getting picked for the lead role in the school play, bagging your dream job or for an aspiring fashion designer, scoring a mention in a major fashion publication. It’s not surprising that Instyle noticed Lucy Starlings’ LCF graduate knitwear collection, it was exceptionally fabulous. Slinky cream, soft nude and perky peach knitwear spiked with Mary Bindings’ bright orange PVC pieces stole the show and have marked Lucy out as ‘one to watch’.

Lucy kindly agreed to give Fashion Follows Her an insight into her world:
I would describe my GFW collection as classic and feminine but also quite cool.
I got my inspiration from futurism and the thirties. I was particularly inspired by how futurist artists created moving images from repeating the same images over and over. 
My favourite designer is Chanel, always!
LCF hosted their own graduate show which was broadcast across the world, which was such an amazing thing to be part of, I was really lucky.
I would sum up my time at LCF as hard but worth it.
My advice for next years grads is try not to have break downs during the final year!! It all works out.
Next I plan to work at Burberry! If they will have me, I hope so.
In 5 years hopefully I will be designing for one of the big european luxury brands.
Thanks Lucy. xx

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