Boden backlash with Fifi Fleur

Sunday morning I peeled open my copy of The Sunday Times’ Style magazine to find yet another article about the Boden backlash. This subject has got me rather riled up, what’s so wrong with the idyllic picture depicted in the Boden catalogue?  I’m not saying my life is perfect, far from it but I do live in the country and from the outside I guess life does look pretty idyllic. We have afternoon tea in the garden and home-grown veg straight from the garden patch for dinner, with fresh herbs from our little herb garden. I wear pink Hunters’ (much to the dismay of the residents when we moved into the village) which are usually covered in mud and I seem to have acquired a strong resemblance to Margo from the Good Life (in particular the one in which she helps collect in the harvest!). Having lived in London I can quite honestly say this life is much easier to achieve than the über cool, nonchalant life I aspired to in the city. Most probably for two reasons.

1. I don’t take myself too seriously. Yesterday when the wind blew my Panama hat (that I had *borrowed* from dad) clean off my head, requiring me too retrieve it from the veg patch getting my maxi dress all nice and muddy, I had to laugh at the irony (my big beach hat has never once launched itself anywhere, that will teach me to borrow without asking!).

2. I find the beauty in little pleasures, fresh flower from the garden, homemade shortbread, harvesting our own produce, taking tea in the garden etc.

A perfect Boden style life really isn’t that hard to achieve because the beauty is in the imperfection. But it does help to dress the part, think Miss Marple chic, which brings me onto my latest purchase from French Connection- the Fifi Fleur dress teamed with new Liquorish sandals and a few old favourites…..


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