1 man, 2 brands- Karl Lagerfeld

Chanels’ head designer Karl Largerfeld launched his own brand range in 2006 which was instantly declared a roaring success, the style icon has now announced a collaboration with Japanese beauty expert Shu Uemura to create a Karl Lagerfeld beauty range set to launch just in time for Christmas 2012 (three guesses what will be on my Christmas list?!).

 (Image from Fashionista)

With his own line proving such a success, it poses the question -will Lagerfeld be abdicating the Chanel throne? If so who will be his successor, personally my money is on his fabulously stylish cat Choupette!

Illustration from Karl Lagerfeld limited edition dress collection.

Lagerfelds’ signature style added a fierce edge to the classic Chanel brand famed for its’ chic tweed skirt suits. Lagerfelds’ own line is clearly his undiluted vision, full of heavy embellishment, fingerless gloves and black leather. Elements of which can be seen in his designs for Chanel.

(Images on left Chanel Fall- Winter 2012-13, images on right Karl Lagerfeld collection. Both have Karls’ signature style.)

With both brands continuing to expand, you have to wonder, can anybody, how ever brilliant, have the capacity to run two brands? What do you think?


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