Exclusive interview with GFW star Aimee Ward

Tipped as a ‘designer to look out for’ by Vogue and billed as this year’s ‘rising star’ of Graduate Fashion Week 2012, I was looking forward to asking Aimee Ward a few questions to get to know the girl behind the accolades. Thankfully Aimee agreed (I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had declined- GFW is a mammoth task and all of this years grads deserve a well-earned rest!) to share her design inspiration and what it feels like to show at GFW.

The inspiration behind your graduate collection was ‘Underwater Paradise’, where do you get your inspiration from?
My main inspiration has always come from natural forms and there is so much beauty in the world. I have always been fascinated by the iridescence of tropical fish scales and fantastic other-worldy looking sea anemones so this is where I drew my colour, shape and textile inspiration from for my collection, from shell-inspired pleating to 3D fish scales.  
Your favourite piece from the collection is?
I think I would have to say my long silver dress as this is where the whole journey began, I also think I spent the longest time making this dress as all of the metal scales that appear on the bodice and skirt are hand cut and attached, which was a nightmare to do, but seeing it on the catwalk made it all worthwhile.

How did you find the whole GFW experience?
I loved it from start to finish. It was the perfect way to end my university experience, it’s something all of us have been dreaming about for years and to finally have the chance to showcase our work on the catwalk that we have all worked so hard for, in front of our friends and family was an indescribable feeling!
What piece of advice would you give next years graduates?
Work hard, give it your everything and you will reap the rewards! Also, don’t be afraid of following your own style, it’s really important to create work that you are passionate about and love, this way you will enjoy it so much more!
A typical day looks like?
Get up, do some work, eat, do more work, eat some more, do some more work, sleep (you think I’m kidding)…typical life of a final year fashion student (and sneak in a naughty McDonalds every now and again)! 

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say my style is quite girly and feminine, I love dressing up and you won’t often catch me without my heels on, plus it adds a few inches which is a bonus!  
So what’s next?
I’m hoping to get a design job in a luxury fashion company to gain some experience, with the ultimate goal of having my own label and showing at fashion week!
A big thank you to Aimee Ward for the interview and photo’s. x

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