Tough cuffing luck!

Reading about fast fashion you would assume any trend on the catwalk would quickly filter down to the high street but it seems the trend for intricate, long, gold cuffs hasn’t quite translated. Net-a-porter is full of fabulous (and expensive) gold cuffs but I just can’t find one I like on the high street.

I thought I had cracked it when flicking through this months issue of Vogue a woven gold cuff from Aldo sprung off the page but alas when I went to purchase this statement bracelet online, it was nowhere to be seen! *sighs with disappointment*.

So the search continues……… If you come across a gold cuff as stylish at this one from Tony Burch please let me know where I can purchase it from.

Thanking you all in advance. xx


5 thoughts on “Tough cuffing luck!

    • I’m in love with Pamela Love at the mo, her whole collection is just amazingly beautiful and unique. x

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