The changing face of fashion

Invite by the fabulous dknyprgirl– fashion blogger.

Tonight the annual Met Gala red carpet will be screened live online for the first time, across the world fashionista’s will be able to watch and rate the fashion as it happens. Digital media is changing the face of fashion; live streams, fashion blogs and twitter feeds are changing the way we access and interact with fashion. Fashion editors sit alongside bloggers at shows broadcasting the show as it happens to thousands of followers. Media savvy brands have cottened on to this new trend, broadcasting their own show coverage online, making the brand accessible to all. Retailer Burberry introduced pre-ordering online direct from the catwalk, meaning customers can order items months before there featured in publications or stocked in store. Some designers are not so keen, fearing increased accessibility will devalue the industry, Tom Ford notoriously banned all photographers from his Spring/Summer 2012 show in a bid to keep the brands ‘exclusivity’. Personally I think that increased accessibility will make it much easier for new talent to emerge in an extremely competitive industry. So tonight I will be tweeting as the Met Gala happens and uploading my favourite fashion moments here tomorrow, I hope you can join me………


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