Love or lust……Armour ring?

There’s one question I always ask myself before I make a purchase ‘Am I in love’? To me shopping is like love and you know when you’re in love. It can be irrational, difficult to explain and strike at any time. But if I fall in love with a piece at first sight I can be sure it will last forever. If I’m not in love with an item, if it doesn’t fill my heart with joy I leave it on the shelve for someone who will appreciate it more than I do. Asking this simple question stops me from getting carried away in the moment (fashion-lust) and purchasing stuff I can really do without. Occasionally my strategy comes unstuck, for instance last year I had my eye on this fierce ring from Vivienne Westwood but it was a little bit pricy so I hesitated and it sold out. I came to accept maybe this gorgeous ring just wasn’t for me and if I had REALLY wanted it I would have bought it on the spot and not hesitated for a second. A year on it seems I have a second chance, Vivienne Westwood have launched a new edition of the Armour ring and it is just as luscious as it’s predecessor. So I have a dilemma, should I take this second chance, after all it’s been a year and I still can’t get this finger candy out of my head- what do you think?!! Is it love?


4 thoughts on “Love or lust……Armour ring?

  1. Its very quirky which makes me love it but I’m not sure if I’d actually wear it. I think I’d have to try it on to see if it’s restrictive or not first!

    • How did I not think of that- I’ve never actually tried the ring on!! I guess I was scared that if I tried it I may never take it off!!

    • Always a pleasure…..I love this ring, so very tempted to get it right now! Checked out cheaper versions but nothing comes close.

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