Suffer to be beautiful?

I don’t remember where I first encountered the ‘One has to suffer to be beautiful’ philosophy but over the years and a few dozen painful treatments, ranging from tolerable to excruciating, I have accepted a little pain now and again in the pursuit of beauty is inevitable. Although when I came across the Tria Beauty hair removal laser in this months’ Elle magazine I wondered if this maybe a step to far- a laser treatment at home?! Hummm, I can’t say I wasn’t curious, after years of dealing with ingrown hairs and ghastly shaving rash I’ve tried pretty much every form of hair removal on the market. Epilation = excruciatingly painful, shaving = cumbersome, hair removal cream = ineffective, waxing = strangely satisfying but slightly humiliating (I just couldn’t resist picking the ingrown hairs so the exasperated therapist took to counting the marks on my legs in a vain attempt to shame me into ‘leaving it to the professionals’). 

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At this point hair removal at home which promises permanent results sounds rather good! So I gave the lovely ladies at Tria Beauty a call and with the guarantee of a full refund if I was unable to get to grips with the laser and the assurance that 3rd degree burns were almost impossible to achieve, I confidently placed an order. This thursday my new toy arrived, nervous I thought it best to get right down to business before the butterflies fluttering around my tummy turned into elephants and I chickened out. I can’t report on the lasers effectiveness as it takes around three months before you start to see results but I will keep you informed. What I can say is that the whole process was simple, relatively quick and painless (at the moment I have the laser set at two out of five available levels). I will post again as the treatment progresses but if anyone has tried the laser I would love to hear from you?

To be continued………


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