Mulberry Dreams……Cookies & Cream

Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

My Mulberry fetish started a few years ago after a close encounter at work. Back then I worked in retail and even though Mulberry was way out of my price range, I clocked the ‘Mulberry Lady’ as she will forever be known to me, almost immediately. I hovered, under the guise of offering assistance so I could get a closer look at her beautiful handbag. This stylish lady was carrying a small, butter soft, tan satchel (not dissimilar to the Alexa bag in this seasons collection) embossed with the trademark Mulberry logo shining out like a beacon to all fashionista’s. Up close I was not disappointed, the craftmanship was exquisite, perfect in every detail- almost as if this piece of leather had been moulded into shape by niffty little fairies. Mulberry lady left the store before I had plucked up the courage to compliment her, I don’t recall the items she purchased that day but I remember that bag!

The Cookie cutter Bayswater in Pebbled beige is this season’s hottest ticket, I LOVE this gorgeous bag, it’s just so cute and stylishly practical. The colour reminds me of soft whipped ice-cream and the classic cookie cutter detailing is utterly delicious. Mulberry have of course added their signature postman’s lock and gold metal padlock, adding a new twist to the iconic Bayswater. So if anyone is unsure exactly what to buy me for my birthday………..PLEASE…….xxx


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