FashionFollowsHer…..from bed

God I hate being ill, nearly as much as I dislike the person who gave me this nasty virus! I just don’t understand why people who have a contagious virus don’t stay at home? I know we are all super busy but if it’s an unnecessary trip please stay at home untill your no longer contagious. For people like me who have a weak immune system and those of us who have sick or frail loved ones a simple cold or cough, that would seem like no big deal to a healthy person, knocks those of us who aren’t quite so steely for six. Here ends the sniffling rant. Back to the post…….if you do find yourself tucked up in bed with some delightful illness make like Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and convalesce in style. Invest in a luxury dressing gown, think white and waffle, like the kind you find in a boutique spa. A silk sleep mask to block out the light for a peaceful afternoon nap is essential. Camomile tea from Tea Pigs, tastes divine and is made with whole camomile flowers sown into beautiful little tea temples to enhance the flavour. My Blackberry……..I know I should be resting but you can’t cut a girl off from the world completely and reading a few fashion blogs definitely aids recovery! Being ill in bed is made slightly better by my favourite film- Pride and Prejudice, snuggled in bed swooning over Mr Darcy is bound to lift any girls spirits. What little luxurys cheers you up when you’re ill……


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