Banish that blemish

Adult acne isn’t something I particularly enjoy discussing since I suffer from this irritating condition myself. It is often embarrassing and usually annoying, as it tends to flare up at the exact time I want to look my best and I’m nearly thirty, acne should be long forgotten shouldn’t it? However it seems I’m not alone in my battle against the pimples, women in their late twenties and early thirties are increasingly reporting breakouts of adult acne. Scientists believe it is due to increased stress or a hormonal imbalance resulting in acne around the chin and neck (something the skin care therapist explains to me every time I have a facial). I have tried every acne product I have come across with varied results, some dried my skin to a crisp, others provided subtle improvements but none have provided a cure. So far I have come to the conclusion that a daily skin care regime designed to improve acne and take care of my skin is the best option, paying particular attention to the affected area during times of stress. Personally the best blemish range I have found and currently use myself is Cliniques’ Anti-Blemish skin care range including cleansing foam, clarifying solution and clearing moisturiser. Try Cliniques’ 3-step kit which provides a 4 week supply of the products I’ve mentioned above. Give them a try and tell me what you think…..


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