Karl Lagerfeld Wedge……Style Crush.

Every so often I stumble across a necklace or a dress that is so beautiful I fall instantly in love. In fashion love at first sight definitely exists, there is no reasoning with it, no way to describe or define why that particular piece pulls on your heart-strings in such a way that nothing else however similar can compare. The item becomes embedded in your brain like your high school crush, you picture yourself with the item and it is perfection- a perfect match. Then reality strikes, nine times out of ten actually purchasing your fashion crush would mean breaking into your overdraft. So you reframe, put the must-have item to the back of your mind and on Google Alert. Missing out if the item goes on sale would be unthinkable obviously. One of three scenarios usually plays out-

1. Temptation gets the better of you……(and you know the next bit!).

2. Restraint pays off and the much-loved item is purchased in the sale for a reasonable price.

3. The unthinkable happens and the item is forever remembered as ‘the one that got away’. I’m still gutted about losing the Soono boots by Isabel Marant in 2009!

I am desperately hoping my new crush- Grey Maxim wedge sandal by Karl Lagerfeld– plays out in a similar fashion as option number 2 but until then I am left admiring these lovelies from afar. If anyone is brave enough to share their current fashion crush I would love to hear about it. x


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