Summer Essentials

The Girl Guides never appealed to me, I don’t respond too well to pointless authority and I’m the kind of girl who always checks out what the boys are up to and asks ‘can I try my hand at that instead?’. I’m not a tomboy, give me sparkles and jewels any day, I just don’t enjoy being told I can’t do something without having the opportunity to prove myself. So needless to say I only lasted a few weeks as a girl guide. One piece of wisdom that did stick was the ‘always be prepared’ mantra girl guides live by. I truly believe preparation is key, with that in mind the first glimpse of spring sunshine last week and I instinctively find myself checking I have the summer essentials so I’m fully prepared for when the warm weather returns. So these are my essential summer items.

1. Kerastase Soleil, Huile Celeste, £14.18,

Last year the lovely ladies at Gorgeous Shop sent me a little summer care package, Kerastase Soleil protective oil not only kept my hair from fading in the sun and going brittle in the pool but after using the spray for a few days I noticed my hair was softer and shinier than before. So I can throughly recommend this product and I will be spraying my luscious locks next time the sun comes out to play.

2. Christian Dior Sunglasses, £155,

So I have a little confession to make- last week I bought myself a new pair of Dior sunglasses, aren’t they so beautiful? I always try to keep my eyes out of the sun to avoid those nasty crows feet around my eyes. Every girl needs a treat sometimes so go on and indulge if you can- just be carefull not to sit on them (it wouldn’t be the first time I have put my glasses down and accidentally sat on them)!!

3. Korres Guava Lip Butter, £6,

Korres products have been a firm favourite of mine for a few years now, the natural active ingredients ensure their products are sensitive but highly effective. I particularly love the Guava shower gel and body butter which accompanies the Lip Butter if you buy the Guava gift set. Korres’ Lip Butter keeps my lips soft in the summer and smells delicious.

4.  Floppy Hat, £12.99,

As a rule I say ‘the bigger the hat the more glamorous the lady’, think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s- big hat and oversized shades, the epitome of lady like chic. New Look have this fabulous large, gold sun hat and it’s only £12.99, perfect for lazy days by the pool.

5. Clarins Spray Solaire, £17,

Prickly heat rash is the bane of my life during the summer months, not only does it drive you insane with the constant itching but it looks awful too. So anything that helps prevent prickly heat rash is a god send. Of course regularly exfoliating helps but Clarins’ sun spray protects the skin without clogging the pores and bringing you out in an unsightly rash, well worth spending a little more on sun screen for smooth, sexy skin.

There are my summer essentials but I would love to hear about your summer essentials…..


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