Top tutorials @ Red Online

I have to admit I’m selective about who I take advice from. If I’m going to take advice it makes sense to consult with a professional who is at the top of their game. unfortunately finding someone willing and able to take time out of their busy day is almost impossible (which I fully understand, it takes time and dedication to run an empire!!). The lovely people at Red magazine, who are all about empowering women, are running a series of live Q&A sessions with a range of high-profile industry experts. So far Red have featured Brix Smith Smart, Kelly Hoppen and Jane Sherderson, to name a few- the transcripts of these sessions are available to view online. Personally I popped along to Liberty London Girls’ master class a couple of weeks ago and picked up a barrage of tips on running a successful fashion blog. I can best describe the experience as an opportunity to peek behind the scenes of a much-loved and respected brand. The session was frantic, informative and a little bit intimidating as Sasha aka Liberty London Girl drew in quite a crowd. This friday at 1pm Julie Deane will be discussing how she set up the Cambridge Satchel Company. Go along, I promise you will learn something. Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of the sessions.

– Note down a few insightful questions before the session begins to ensure you make the best of the opportunity.

– Avoid generalised questions like, how did you become successful? This is almost impossible to answer in this type of quick paced discussion.

– Consider your question from the experts perspective, would you be prepared/comfortable to answer that questions?

– Be punctual, it may be online but turning up late is just rude. Remember the expert is giving up their time to run the Q&A.

– Observer e-etiquette, don’t interrupt a fellow participant mid conversation however tempting it maybe. Wait for a pause in the flow of conversation and pose your question promptly.


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